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Wonder at Moody Gardens Pt. 1

















I’ve written about Moody Gardens before. I worked there my senior year of college (2001-2002) in the education department staffing touch tanks and talking at the exhibits. The aquarium hadn’t changed in 2011 when we visited and it hadn’t changed *much* this time around but they were in the process of adding in a new exhibit in the center of the building, a tall, ciruclar aquarium that will go between the two floors of the aquarium where previously you could look down from the center on the second floor.

That said, it still was a little ‘meh’ in many regards however Forest was very interested when we went over Thanksgiving weekend. As soon as we got out of the car in the parking lot he stared pointing at the light pole with birds on it and saying “Oooooo.” This was the theme for the weekend, complete awe at just about everything he saw!

The sea lion skeleton in the last photo is Tolstoy, a sea lion that was in the exhibit when I worked there. I had heard from former coworkers/friends that he had died sometime in the last 10 years but it took me a few seconds to register that the name plate on the display with the fact that it was *the* Tolstoy. I believe the rest of the description mentioned that the Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network assisted in cleaning up the skeleton and putting it together for display.

Forest had so much fun the aquarium we decided to go to the rainfores the following day even though it hadn’t been in our plans. Stay tuned for a recap of that soon!


  • Gayle

    Love the pictures!! My favorites are the one siloette of him and Chris looking into the tank- the one with the light on his face with him looking up and of course him pointing!!! Such fun times!!!!!!! Enjoy seems like yesterday Chris and Neil were that age.

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