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I’m starting to slip back into sporadic posting again and would love to make a twice a week habit of writing so I don’t get lazy about writing. So, hey, a new weekly themed post, my spin on the popular Five Things Friday!

  1. I was not a fan of Shakespeare’s poetry in highschool, I was much more into his plays, but if I had Alan Rickman reciting it to me it might have been much more interesting. Goodbye, Colonel Brandon.
  2. Science is a hostage in the Oregon standoff. I’ve been watching all of the science and wildlife folks on social media in regards to the asinine takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge by, let’s face it, assholes, and it has been incredibly frustrating to see the treatment of protected resources being given such a casual ‘meh’ by the mainstream media. In my head I’m just thinking of all of the time and energy that’s going to be spent cleaning up their messes and rebuilding the fences they’ve torn down, not to mention lost hours of any field work and time that was already on the agenda.
  3. I had a hard birth from Coffee and Crumbs. I’ve written about my own birth plan grief but so much of this post resonated with me. I definitely don’t think about it daily anymore, maybe not necessarily weekly either, but it still stings sometimes. “I know. We had a plan. It fell apart, disintegrated on sterile floors. Our babies needed help. Our hearts broke. Months, years, several happy births later, and we still can’t seem to avoid tears when we talk about it.”
  4. Working out! I hit all five days last week but only made it three days this week. My goal for this year in the gym is to be able to do an unassisted pull-up. I mean, there are other goals of course, but this one is a hard one and I’d love to get the upper body strength to do it. I love hitting the gym at lunch and even though I don’t know the other people working out at the same time (there’s not many) it is nice to see familiar faces every time I go in there. Today I was watching the female trainer do some squats and she was lifting heavy, a weight I might have done back in softball in highschool, so I was a little envious of her abilities. Yay for workouts!
  5. Reading! I didn’t get around to doing a word of the year post for 2016. Last year I had mindful, and while I am going to keep that as a sub-word this year—mindfulness is a life long work, I think—my main word for this year is Read. I want to read-all-the-books! There are several books I need to get through that I’m currently in the middle of and need to finish, others on my radar, and then some on my own bookshelf/library that I need to actual approach. Got anything I should put on my to-read list??
  6. So, there you have it. Part good links, part gratitude/thoughts.

    Have an awesome weekend!

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