Friday Five,  Memes

Friday Five | 4

  1. Mercy Street on PBS. This is coming on after Downton Abbey for the next few weeks. I’m liking it but wishing it was longer than 6 episodes. I’m glad Josh Radnor (How I Met Your Mother) is stretching his acting chops but disappointed they are dragging out the morphine addiction thing. Yeah, we know, Civil War + morphine = addiction. Good times!
  2. This Outlander Season 2 Trailer!

  3. Two podcasts: Native Plant Podcast and In Defense of Plants Podcast. Both are excellent!
  4. Overtone color conditioner! Y’all might remember my pink hair on the Appalachian Trail. I’ve wanted to redo it ever since but haven’t wanted to deal with some of the dye issues or having to bleach my hair. I stumbled across Overtone via another blog a few weeks ago and ordered up their trial sizes of Vibrant and Extreme pink daily conditioners. It was clear that the Extreme was what I needed for my dirty blonde/light brown hair if I wanted the color to show up. They recommend a weekly deeper color conditioner to keep it vibrant. I liked the results of the trial sizes so I bought the Extreme pink set. The weekly container really gave my hair the the bright punch I was looking for and then I followed up with the daily conditioner for several days. I opted to stop the daily conditioner midweek to see how long it took for my hair to fade out and what it looked like in that process. Plus, we would be camping over the weekend and I didn’t want to deal with the upkeep. So far the fade out still looks good and I have some light pink tinge. Keeping up with the daily conditioner would have kept the color going and of course I would have followed it up with the weekly ‘punch’ this weekend if that’s what I wanted.

    What I love about Overtone is that it isn’t permanent and I can have it for a week here or there, or do strips of pink in my hair. It’s really fun so far! No, I didn’t take photos but will be sure to take some in a few weeks when I go for pink again! I may do a video because I couldn’t find a heck of a lot on YouTube from others who had used it.

  5. Spring is right around the corner. I’m still not holding my breath that we won’t have any more freezes but Chris seems to think we’re going to escape unscathed. That said, greens are bolting, crocus are coming up and most of the daffodils are blooming. We’re still in the middle of trying to get the flower beds into shape. I’ve weeded two entire beds and need to finish the last three. Two of those last three aren’t bad and will be easy to manage. The other isn’t entirely horrible but has some rough spots. We intended to get mulch last weekend but Chris’ truck sprung a radiator fluid leak so it had to go into the dealership. Hopefully this week we can get to mulching!

Got anything awesome going on with you? Oh, there’s a new podcast episode up at The Garden Path Podcast if you want to have a listen!


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