Sunday Reads

Happy Sunday, folks!

+In recent weeks there’s been several write-ups about sexism and harassment within several governmental agencies. It would be great to think that a lot of that is fading out, and it is, but there’s still blatant and covert sexism out there. Ask any female you know and you will be guaranteed to get a story about harassment or sexism. The covert comments are the worst because sometimes you don’t grasp it while it’s happening, only later upon reflection…that some random comment or action was sexist. It isn’t just government agencies, any industry that has been historically dominated by males with females integrating within it, you’re guaranteed to have harassment and sexism issues. Anyway, here are two though provoking articles: Bured Sexism at Mount Rainer and Out Here, No One Can Hear You Scream.

+On a lighter note, Elizabeth and I recorded an episode of Picture Shows and Petticoats recapping the final section of Dragonfly in Amber. So much good stuff in those last pages!

+Scientists try to assess Monarch butterfly mortality after Mexican freeze from the Texas Butterfly Ranch

+Why You Should Never Buy Cypress Mulch from In Defense of Plants

+5 Weak Words to Avoid from

+5 Books that Will Make Your Life Better from Nia Shanks. I’m going to have to put some of these on my to-read list!

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