Bees on the Borage






Ever since I planted borage a few years ago I’ve typically never needed to reseed it in the vegetable garden, it has always come up itself in late winter. Usually it comes up in a vegetable bed but sometimes it comes up in the middle of the pathway. This year we’ve left several plants in the vegetable garden and they’ve attracted our honeybees and other native bees and pollinators, which has been a very good thing after we’d pulled the flowering greens. The flowering greens had been the main attractant to the vegetable garden up until February.

I think parts of the plant are considered to be edible but we don’t use it as a culinary aspect, other than maybe it’ll wind up down the road turned into honey by the bees! It’s definitely a delight to be wandering down to the garden and see the bright blue flowers opened and a handful of bees bouncing from flower to flower!


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