Friday Five,  Memes

Friday Five | 6

It’s been a hectic week here (sickies, flooding!), so I thought it appropriate to have a Friday Five for some warm fuzzies!

  1. Patrice emailed me a week ago to say that she had spotted my little old blog on a compilation list of Best Backpacking and Hiking Websites of All time. Whaaa? Having spent nearly 14 years writing on the internet it is pretty nice to get a little bit of acknowledgement that someone out there enjoys my blog enough to put it on a ‘best of’ list! I’m down there at 119. I liked this list because it gives me a few more blogs to check out that I didn’t know about!
  2. Little Bear Gets Real Part I and Part 2. I can’t remember when I started following this blog but it’s been a few years. When they had their son last year I wondered how they would incorporate some of their big explorations into the backcountry with an infant. I’ve watched them as they’ve done hikes, sledding, and little trips here and there, but this one takes the cake! Backcountry hiking and packrafting in Utah for a multi-day trip with an older baby? Successfully? Yes, they did it! Proof that with planning and patience, it doesn’t mean giving up some of the adventures you might have had pre-baby. Definitely a kick in the butt for us to get out next Fall when the weather cools off and take Forest backpacking. We’ve got the long day hikes and car camping down, I think we need to upgrade our backpacking gear and get after it!
  3. Props to the US Treasury for finally diversifying our money by putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. Two thumbs down for keeping the man behind a genocide on the back side of the bill. *sigh*
  4. I’m trying to think if I actually ever met Paul when we lived in Florida, but he is one of Chris’ photographer/swamping/orchid friends. We have a photo of his on our wall! Well, he’s really made a name for himself over the last several years, enough so to get a photo of his from Everglades National Park on a stamp! Really cool!
  5. Monarch babies! Those eggs I posted earlier in the week hatched and we have cute caterpillars chomping away on the milkweed now! I took some photos earlier this week but need to head back out and see how they’ve grown. Yippie!

What great stuff is going on with you?

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