Sunday Reads

Happy Sunday, folks! +In recent weeks there’s been several write-ups about sexism and harassment within several governmental agencies. It would be great to think that a lot of that is fading out, and it is, but there’s still blatant and covert sexism out there. Ask any female you know and you will be guaranteed to […]

Irises for Saturday

While the wildflowers this year might not have been as stellar as we’d hoped, the Louisiana irises in the ditch are now putting on quite a show! We have a few varieties, including the typical native Iris virginica down near the pond but I’ve not had a chance/remembered to get photos down there so far […]

The Village Creek & Tupelo Trails | Village Creek State Park

We’re flashing back to February when we went camping at Village Creek State Park. Our morning walk along the Village Creek and Tupelo Trails was very quiet. Aside from encountering a few people near the primitive campsite near the trailhead, we found no one else on the trails that morning. There were plenty of Nyssa […]

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