Friday Five,  Memes

Friday Five | 7

Some thoughts and link sharing for your Friday: a little happy, a little sad mixed in this week.

  1. Lemonade. More specifically, a certain mixture created by Beyonce. Two Saturday’s ago as I was scrolling for Outlander tweets I kept seeing social media blowing up about Beyonce’s HBO special releasing her new album. By the next Sunday night someone posted a link to a Vimeo video, now currently taken down as it was pirated, streaming the entire 1 hour movie. I had already been debating what I was going to do after Forest went to bed and I opted to watch the entire movie. Holy cow! I liked and listened to Destiny’s Child back in college and have liked some of her hits in more recent years but have never really become a fan or owned an album. But I was enthralled by what she created with this movie and album. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I Googled Becky with the good hair and have since been interested in all of the commentary about the album, ranging from a treatise on feminism to black culture in America.
  2. The SeaAggies Tribute Geocache: We’ve barely geocached in years but when we were most active in Florida, we put out some super difficult and interesting caches. I had no idea we still had a following after all of these years! Most of our caches have been disabled and the ones remaining have been transferred into the hands of other people who can maintain them for us.
  3. Why we dont produce more scientists: A one word explanation I just started Jahren’s book…so far so good and she’s already talked about money in scientific funding.
  4. Girls softball in Dallas hugely popular from Flashback Dallas: hat tip to my brother for this link! I played softball from ages 5-17 and A League of Their Own is one of my favorite movies.
  5. Well known AT thru-hiker Baltimore Jack dies: On Wednesday morning Chris told me that Miss Janet, a well known AT trail angel, had posted to Facebook that Baltimore Jack had passed away. This was incredibly shocking because Baltimore Jack was someone deeply ingrained in the trail community. Our own hike had us interacting with him in varying levels three different times, the longest instance being in Harper’s Ferry where he helped us at the outdoor stores there, where he told us about the opening celebrations of the Appalachian Trail museum in Pine Grove Furnace State Park. He encouraged us to crank some miles to get to the event in time but also encouraged us to slow down after to enjoy New England in the fall (which we didn’t end up doing and we finished our hike in mid-August). While our interactions with him were brief they definitely left an imprint on our trip. The Pox and Puss AT podcast interviewed him a few years ago and you can listen to his episodes here. The video below is incredibly moving and absolutely on point regarding the emotion of climbing Katahdin.


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