Taking Time to Putter

These days I’m finding myself in a state of go-go-go in the gardens. Rarely am I stopping to just see what I see, to sample a bit of what is going on—there are so many weeds to pull, plants to trim back, and who-knows-what-else to do in this frenzy of summer. On Tuesday I got […]

Soaking It In

Do I dare say that it’s hot? I mean, it is summer. That’s what summer is about. But it’s slowly turning into the phase of summer where anything after 11am until after 5pm you don’t want to venture out unless you are swimming in water. It’s almost like winter where we hibernate for awhile inside. […]

Life Lately: Late June 2016

+In My Head Not a lot, actually. Well, I take that back. A lot, actually, it just switches often. Let’s see if I can bullet point it… Privatized prisons: This is thanks to OITNB, more commentary below. Brexit: For once it was nice to see my social media feed filled with another country’s/dominion’s politics. I […]

On Podcasting

When I started The Garden Path Podcast late last year I knew that it would be hard work but that I would enjoy it. Podcasting takes oogles more time than writing a blog, at least for me. I thought I’d break down some thoughts here about these first six months. Overall Goals It was originally […]

These Days in the Vegetable Garden

Today we’re wrapping up 11 days of Forest and I flying solo around here. Chris has been in northeast Texas doing field work. I’m trying to determine, I think it might be the longest stretch of time he’s been away since Forest has been here. When I found out a few months ago that Chris […]

Flood Video

I put together a short video of the second flood last week. For some reason I didn’t take a video of the front yard with the good camera, just my phone apparently, but I put some photos of the front yard in there at the end. Chris and I walked the neighborhood yesterday morning. Pretty […]