Mulching the Vegetable Garden

About a week ago I was finally able to say I was ‘done’ weeding the paths in the vegetable garden, except for a tough spot of Bermuda grass near the gate entrance. I had Chris get mulch one morning and I was able to mulch most of the paths. I didn’t have quite enough to cover all of the area but I got the worst places.

I opted to experiment with sheet mulching in the worst section, the Bermuda grass section, that extends from the gate down one of the rows. Bermuda grass is an incredibly stubborn plant to get rid of and I’m hoping this will tame that area just a bit.

The tough area of Bermuda grass. I may water it one day to make it easier to pull. Now that we’ve gone from flood to drought everything is turning to rock making it difficult to pull weeds.

I didn’t have quite enough saved for lining the whole section but it was enough of the worst part to see if it will make a difference. I’m hoping that this project will be success enough to line other areas of the path the next time we need to mulch. Chris wasn’t convinced it would make huge difference so we compromised and tried the smaller area. Who knows?!

Now I just need to get back out and keep on top of the watering. The mid-day heat is stifling the plants that the sprinkler watering isn’t enough right now. Time to hand water!

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