Life Lately | Late July 2016

turner river november 1, 2008 051
Today’s photo is brought to you by the Turner River in Big Cypress National Preserve and Everglades National Park, circa 2008.

+In My Head
Let’s go with some random bulleted thoughts….

  • I think the story of my life is being emotionally connected to time passing. Speaking of time, I have a post to write that has been jingling in my head for months about synesthesia and time. Just need to sit down and parse it out.
  • I’m trying not to get too excited about autumn and cooler weather but I am looking forward to hiking and camping again. And fall baking…*sigh* I love autumn! The last two days we have temperatures in the high 70s, low 80s due to some rain that came in from offshore. It was delightful!
  • Forest got his first haircut almost two weeks ago. I’d been trying to put it off for awhile and Chris kept appeasing me but he finally had had enough and we went and got the haircut. The timing was wonky because I kept forgetting to make an appointment the day before so we did a walk-in when the store opened and of course there were several people in line already. The shop was inside an HEB grocery store so we walked around for a few minutes while we waited. And then it was lunchtime and toddler hunger was coming on…it was a little toddler-y for a few minutes but Chris found something for Forest to watch on his phone while the haircut happened. Now, the toddler looks like a big kid and my little baby is gone! I definitely get a sense of ‘Who is this KID?’ when he walks around the house. I told Chris the other day that I can already see a sprawling teenager on our couch. *tears*


Outlander wrapped up earlier this month with a season finale that redeemed the back half of this season. It looks like they are going to start shooting season 3 soon so maybe that means we will not have to wait until next August for a new season. In the meantime I started watching Stranger Things on Netflix after seeing many people raving about it. It’s an early 80s sci-fi flick, very reminiscent of many of the shows some of us GenX and early Millennials watched as kids. Also, it has Winona Ryder which probably helps with that aesthetic. I haven’t binged it like I typically do with Netflix shows, instead I’m watching an episode here or there.

This week I’m poking my head into the DNC Convention. I’d initially resolved not to watch it but my inner political geek got excited about it and the lineup of speakers so I’m recording it and catching speeches I want to hear and then listening to the 9-10pm (CST) hour live. Woot!

Movie-wise we had an HBO preview weekend a few weeks ago so I recorded a few movies I hadn’t seen and some older ones I wanted to rewatch. First up was Trainwreck with Amy Schumer. I’ve tried watching her comedy show a few times and find myself in a love/hate relationship with her. The movie was pretty good, trying to be a new version of a rom-com…Bill Hader had me reminded of Colin Firth a few times in mannerisms. Next up was Far from the Madding Crowd, a Thomas Hardy novel-turned-movie. I loved it but wanted to slap the main character for being such an idiot and marrying the obviously wrong person. Also, I got some Jane Austen vibes in there and wondered if Hardy had George Wickham and Colonel Brandon on his mind while writing the book. I’m currently rewatching Juno which I originally watched in a theater one evening in Tucson in 2007 while there during a work trip. Rewatching it brings back some memories from that trip and how much I listened to the soundtrack afterwards back in Florida.

+Outside My Window

Rain! After nearly two months of very dry weather we’re finally getting rain back into the forecast.

+In The Art Studio

Nothing on the agenda but I’m thinking of plans for the upcoming months. So much to get back on track in there!

+In The Garden

Have you seen my garden posts lately? I’ve been going strong on those!

In other garden news we’re battling a bulldozing/digging animal—probably armadillos again. Looks like Chris might be trying to trap and relocate them again.

Also, beavers. The devoured our alligator flag (Thalia geniculata) which was looking fantastic, and then they gnawed up the sweetgums down on the shoreline. Chris has been working to put wire around the base of those trees. Grr!


I’m trying to pick up on my reading once again but haven’t quite gotten there yet. I’m almost finished with Olive Kitteredge and am trying to stay interested in a garden memoir called Paths of Desire. Oh, I launched myself into a third or fourth re-read of Voyager, the third Outlander series novel. Couldn’t help myself after the tv season finale. Plans are for it to be a weekend reading book to carry out a slow read until next season. I’m also trying to go through a back-log of magazines.


Nothing exciting. Coffee is some cheaper brews recently. I did find a decent Seattle’s Best blend, though.


First, geeking out on some DNC convention highlights….

  • Michelle Obama: “When they go low, we go high.” *heart*
  • Tim Kaine: I was a little miffed that Hillary didn’t chose Elizabeth Warren as her VP but now that I’ve learned more about Kaine and have heard him speak, I think he’s an excellent choice. He seems like such a goofball but highly effective politician and will fill Biden’s shoes well.
  • I’m looking forward to a great weekend with my brother, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew this weekend! It will be good for Forest to play and hang out with his cousins!
  • Chris has been smoking a lot of meat on a smoker his mom bought for him and we have been eating the delicious rewards! He’s been working out the kinks in keeping the heat just right but I think he’ll get the hang of it soon!
  • Root Simple: Episode 90 Garden Myths podcast episode. Very worthwhile listen for gardeners.
  • Delicious Revolution podcast.

What’s going on with you?

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