Birthday Musings

Hello, 36. My birthday was on Monday. I turned 36. I’m officially heading straight for 40 and that seems really strange. I took the day off because I learned years ago that working on your birthday just isn’t all that fun. If I’ve got the days available, why not take the day off? Last year’s […]

Toddler Life | Summer 2016

These days, the toddler is much more of a toddler than he has ever been. There’s glimpses of little kid coming through, too. I realized this more the other day when I was looking at photos from February’s trip to Village Creek State Park. He’s a baby in those photos! I know that in six […]

Munching Monarchs

Back in May I mentioned finding monarch babies on our milkweed. For weeks after that I couldn’t find any more caterpillars or any sign of chrysalides so I thought maybe birds or wasps had predated them. Recently I began noticing that the swamp milkweed was being chomped on so I checked out those plants and […]

The Formosa Lilies Take Center Stage

The Formosa lilies grew tall this year, taller than me. They started swelling with buds a few weeks ago and I knew they would be blooming soon. I was worried when we left for the July 4th weekend that the first ones would open without us. But they waited. I love being out in the […]

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