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Ever since I made these fingerless gloves I have wanted to make more. For some reason it has taken me six years (!!!) to get around to making more! I was at Hobby Lobby recently and they had a huge pile of yarn on clearance. I was about to put the blinders on and walk on by but curiosity got the better of me and the hankering for fingerless gloves was there, so I had a look. I walked away with a two rolls of sport weight in neutral and brown colored yarn by Sinfonia. And some other cheaper yarn in Christmas colors for my weaving project. I have a ton of acrylic yarn that was my grandmother’s which is good for things like blankets or more utilitarian items but for garments and the like I don’t have much diversity in yarn. Enter sale yarn!

I hadn’t been on Ravelry in a long time so I logged in there and found a lot of the boards I was on were dead so I deleted them. The forum and site is still very active but it looks like I need to get new boards to follow. I searched their patterns and found two quickly and printed them. Ravelry has free and for-purchase patterns. I got two free ones and the one you see worked great so far. Sometimes I’ll find a pattern on a blog but then read the comments to see if there were any problems with it and if I find too many people complaining about something I skip over it. The last thing I want to do is try to interpret what the pattern writer was going for.

The pattern called for worsted weight yarn but I had the sport weight which was what I wanted, so I opted to make a looser gauge than I would done normally. The first glove is a little looser than the other but they look fine once they are on. I’m excited to get to making the other pair soon. It was immensely satisfying to have a FO (finished object) so quickly!

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