Sunday Reads and Listens

Happy Sunday y’all! Mid September already? I put out my fall decor over the weekend. It’s not much, mostly ceramic pumpkins I’ve picked up over the years but I got a few other fall pieces at Hobby Lobby last month that included an owl and some fabric pumpkins. I’m holding off on the Halloween items until October but honestly? I think I like the generic ‘fall’ decor because I can keep it up through November!

Here’s a few few reads and listens for your Sunday!

+Stop Asking for Permission from Maris Mohi in regards to blogging or really, just about anything. Just “do what you want to do”. I know for some people this comes easy but for, I think, most of us it doesn’t.

+A few weeks ago Lisa asked me to send a healthy snack idea for a list she was compiling from other bloggers and the list debuted while I was on vacation. You can check out the 23 snack ideas here! Lots of good ones that I need to incorporate. Lisa is also sending out a weekly newsletter right now with a healthy snack challenge that includes recipes if you are interested in signing up!

+Evil Weeds from the Florida Native Plant Society touches on the differences from native plants that might be ‘weedy’ like Spanish needles (Bidens alba—I miss that plant!) to true invasive weeds.

+I was drooling over Julie Zickefoose’s bobcat encounters in her yard a few weeks ago. Her bobcat friend reappeared several times and she got some amazing shots from her window. Pretty awesome!

+Joan of Rambling Hemlock is back on the PCT after a two year departure to heal her foot and do some work with Americorps. She’s finishing the rest of the PCT and is currently in Washington where she met and hiked for a bit with Anish on Section K of the PCT. What an awesome experience!

+Kelly Starrett on Chase Jarvis’ Podcast Pain Isn’t Normal. Furthering my interesting in increasing my mobility and flexibility and pushed me into getting a foam roller, something I have mulled over for awhile now. This is a must listen if you are interested in bettering your health in multiple ways. Kelly is from Mobility WOD if you’ve ever seen that site.

+The Working Girl Next Door Part I and The Working Girl Next Door Part II on the Coffee and Crumbs Podcast with Kelsey Wharton of The Girl Next Door Podcast. These episodes hit close to home because it’s about being a working mother and balancing/juggling all of the things that we do as working mothers but also about relationships, kids, hobbies, all of that good stuff.

*Later edit*
+I forgot to include this episode of Radio Cherry Bombe with Martha Stewart! Excellent Q&A with her and she seemed so much more down to earth than I think I’ve imagined. I hope she’s got many more years!


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