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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things | A Month of Faves 2016

Andi at Estella’s Revenge is doing a themed blog writing session for December and I thought it might be worthwhile to do a modified version here. I’ll be compiling several of the prompts into one day as time goes on because I do plan on writing about other things throughout the month. Here’s to day 1!

The prompt: These Are A Few of My Favorite Things for 2016– eg. to eat, drink, wear, smell, see, do, enjoy, best thing I bought, most used gift received etc, favorite concert, outdoor activity, place visited, most squee worthy moment of the year, biggest change. Links aren’t sponsored.

  1. Monarchs: Oh man, this was a fantastic year for monarchs in garden. I can’t believe how many caterpillars we had this year but it was awesome to see Forest learning about caterpillars and really enjoying looking for them in the garden. Hopefully next year there’s more survival!
  2. My salad spinner: Back in the summer I bought this salad spinner in an effort to enjoy and keep my salads fresher for a longer period of time. I did some crowd sourcing on social media to determine if they were worth it (they were) and found this collapsible salad spinner that I absolutely love. Now that it’s salad season here in SE Texas I will be using it quite a bit.
  3. Osprey Exos 58 backpack: It took me forever to decide which backpack I wanted but I finally opted for this one. We’re hoping to hit the trails for our first overnight with Forest sometime in the New Year!
  4. Moleskine modified Bullet Journal: After trying to deviate from my usual to-do list making in a random notebook, I tried to go to a fancy planner last year. I did not like it: it didn’t suit my needs and it was too large. As I kept hearing more about bullet journals I researched their format and decided to create a modified journal/planner/to-do list for myself. It has worked out perfectly for me! I don’t use the symbology that the more hardcore bullet journalers use, and I realized I don’t really need the table of contents, but just the idea of it has worked for me. I use washi tape to pretty it up. I can’t wait to make a new one for next year!

How about you? What’s some of your favorite things from this year?

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