“Here Momma.”

Forest is getting better as talking now, speaking short sentences and saying adorable words and phrases. The way he now says yes, with a little grin, makes me want to nibble his little cheekies as he cackles away. Succinctly saying yes instead of no when he was meaning yes has become more common over the […]

The Garden Awakens

The fig tree is putting on new leaves! One of the pipevines has returned! As have some of the ground orchids! Still waiting on the Nun’s orchid to see if it will be revived. We will be flush with strawberries soon! The flame acanthus are greening up. Tropical milkweed sprouts! The monarchs will have food! […]


Consider this MY warning: We won’t be silent. We will speak out. And we WILL persist. — Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) February 9, 2017 Action items for this week: While there are a ton of items that I care about and I’m concerned about everything from civil rights to education, right now I feel like my […]

Shelling on Bryan Beach

Once Chris was off work last Saturday he met Forest and me at the hotel in Clute and we drove down to Bryan Beach located in the tiny beach hamlet of Quintana. To get there we drove through Freeport and past a maze of various chemical plants, common in this region. Chris commented on a […]

Sea Center Texas

Me: Aww, I’ll take a photo of Forest looking at the turtle. *Looks through camera* ahhhhhh, nooo, don’t touch the turtle! Kids are fast. The eel was ‘spaghetti’ according to Forest! Chris has been working in the Freeport area over the last week so last weekend Forest and I went down to visit him. My […]