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And like that, the strawberries have begun ripening and now we’re harvesting the fruits! Last Friday we picked the first few strawberries; I had found a couple at lunch that day but knew Forest would get a kick out of picking them so we waited until after dinner that evening to go out and pluck them from the beds. Forest has decided he likes strawberries lately, the ones I’ve bought from the store, and thus he is very interested in eating the ones grown at home. As a strawberry enthusiast, I like this new development! He’s also, finally, starting to request to try other things we are eating at meals so there’s hope he will begin branching out his toddler taste buds soon.

The evening light is slowly lengthening and we’ve been poking outside for a bit after dinner a few nights over the last week or two. Being able to walk around the yard or neighborhood has been a refreshing change from the months of hibernating inside during the evenings. I’m contemplating pushing his bedtime back an hour or so once the time change happens so we can enjoy being outside in the evenings this spring and summer. We will see how that goes. There are pros and cons to keeping the current routine and changing the routine so I guess we will find out which one works best here in a few weeks.

Sometimes he wakes up and asks to go outside or into the garden! Of course, sometimes he asks to watch helicopters or airplanes on YouTube, so take that for what you want, but I think we’ve been indoctrinating him into the world of outside pretty darn well!

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