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Ahhh, good morning! I’m sitting here watching, over the screen of my laptop, a cartoon called DinoTrux on Netflix—a toddler’s idea of the perfect cartoon—dinosaurs turned into trucks, what’s not to like? Although, we *have* watched Toy Story 3 a gazillion times over the last week, so maybe that’s the perfect cartoon? Anyway, I’ve got a great mug of coffee and am finally able to lounge and relax away my mornings over the weekend.

Here are a few interesting tidbits I’ve read this week. Let’s start off with a couple of tweets!

In response to:

And in a similar vein: The Tale of the Dictators Daughter and her Prince by Sarah Kendzior. Yeah, yeah, I’m dipping my toes back into politics again after a few months away.

Jane Austen: The Political via The Weekly Standard

Sheila Michaels, Who Brought ‘Ms.’ to Prominence, Dies at 78 via the New York Times. I had no idea the history behind the title and it is one I prefer, too. Mrs. just sounds very 1950s housewife and unprofessional. And to be honest, just use my first name.

A preview of the Piet Oudolf documentary.

Season 3 of Outlander preview photos!! *squee*!

As “OMG, it’s a hornworm!” season has begun on social media I’ve become increasingly uncomfortable by the upturned noses by gardeners to other important pollinators that just so happen to use our tomatoes as host plants (or insert other edible here) when somehow the swallowtails are ok because they eat parsley and fennel and dill, and of course, happen to be really pretty. I don’t know, call me crazy, but there’s some pollinator bias going on in the gardening world. It’s all “Save the monarchs! Save the honeybees!” and kill anything else it seems. Yes, this deserves more than a little blurb I’m writing here so it may be a real blog post eventually—more pondering and thoughts need to occur first—but in that vein, More Than Monarchs: All Pollinators Need our Attention, Where Have All The Insects Gone, and No More War in the Garden.

Anything good you are reading around the ‘net lately?


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