Forest is THREE!


Forest and I are making the best out of a weekend that just couldn’t come together like we wanted. First, Harvey wrecked Rockport and then Chris had to go out of town since he didn’t get to leave last weekend, and then plans to go to DFW (and into OK to meet Chris) were messed up with the gas panic throughout the state. We’re eating cake, opening presents (the ones we have—half are at my parents that were sent there thinking I’d be there, the other half are hopefully coming in the mail today but mail isn’t quite back to normal here yet), and trying to make the day the best we can!

He’s the sweetest little boy and I’m grateful to have him!

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5 thoughts on “Forest is THREE!

  1. Shirley says:

    Just look at that birthday boy! Happy Birthday Forest!

    He’s having a good time with such a smart mom to stay home and out of the gas line chaos.

  2. It will be a birthday to remember, that’s for sure!!! And he seems as happy as can be, so mama’s headaches are a non-issue …

    Plus, that cakes looks (and sounds via IG) delicious!

  3. Rick says:

    Happy Birthday Firrest
    Love you

  4. Gayle says:

    Great picture. Love y’all so much!! Proud that he can hold up 3 fingers.

  5. […] 4th birthday was a lot better than last year’s which came on the tail of Hurricane Harvey. Last year it was just me and Forest for his birthday as Chris had gone to Oklahoma for work since he’d […]

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