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It’s been quiet around here despite the fact I have wanted to write. Over the last week I’ve been backing up our website files and then finalizing a conversion of our hosting setup with our provider and it has been slow and time consuming. If you saw a weird post in your feed this morning it was because I was setting up WordPress again. I’ve had to do this once or twice over the years and it always throws me for a loop before I remember how to do it all. Thank goodness for the Updraft plug-in which backs up my files and saves it on DropBox or allows me to download and reinstall my platform.

So: More writing is coming! Until then enjoy a few things I’ve been listening to on Spotify lately!

Over the last year I have really fallen for Spotify! I like how you can create a playlist and then constantly listen to the same song over and over if you want! I was a Pandora listener for years, and we still are because that is compatible with our Sonos sound system at home (Spotify isn’t unless you upgrade to their member platform) but when I’m listening on the computer, phone, or Kindle, I’m usually listening to Spotify. Sure, there are ads but they aren’t nearly as common as on Pandora and sometimes if you are on listening on the Kindle they will say “If you tap the screen to watch this ad, listen to the next 30 minutes ad free!” It’s worth the tap and to ignore it for the 30 seconds and then you get lots of good music for the next 30 minutes!

Earlier this year they released a playlist called ‘Time Capsule’ which supposedly is put together based on your birthday to coincide of when you were a teenager or in college, and merged with some of your listens or playlists for the year. I would say it is about 75% accurate but in reality a few of them are from my late 20s and a couple of them I didn’t listen to until I was older. And if this was more accurate there would need to be a lot of Sarah McLachlan added to that list.

The second playlist is my top listens for 2017. Overall it is a pretty accurate mix of what I listened to and heavy in the classic and indie rock with some 90s R&B/Rap thrown in. And I was on a Sharon Van Etten roll the last few months. A few towards the end I don’t remember listening to so I’m not really sure that’s about, especially because I listened to other music that isn’t on the list.

Anyway, back very soon with writing, photos, and a year end book review!

Spotify’s Time Capsule

2017 Top Listens

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