Life Lately | June 2018


Elections have consequences.

I’ve mostly stopped writing political things here because there’s only so much I can handle. Of course it seems pitiful to say that when others are going through some right shit while seeking asylum in this country. “Misti, you can handle the political BS because you are in a perfect position to do so. Suck it up, read all about it. You sit comfortably in a house you bought, with a child who goes to his room every night, and you aren’t fleeing political discourse and violence in your country (yet!). No child has been ripped from your arms and flown to who knows where with a government keeping poor records.”—says my smart monkey mind in the background. But, seriously, this government, it turns my stomach. I mean, really, Hillary was “the same.” Right? Right?? How’s that third party vote going for you now?

And now Justice Kennedy is retiring? Nevermind that President Obama was robbed of his nomination, Merrick Garland. If we had had him in place at least this would be a fair trade-off. But nope. Let’s just have an entire country run by the far-right with zero checks and balances. Sounds really damn great. Bleeping hypocritical Republican congress.

How long before Roe v. Wade is over turned? Gay marriage? *Insert other important social reforms here*

Dems: be sure you are registered to vote. Get your ass to the voting booths in November. This is no time to get all fancy with your conscience and wonder if someone isn’t liberal enough for your taste. You got to do that in 2016 (and 2000) and we all got screwed because of it.

I’m angry. I’m sad. I’m heartbroken for our country.

*pats self on back* Good job, self, for busting your butt in the flower garden before you left for vacation. It held up pretty well while we were gone so all I’m doing now is maintenance weed picking and other things throughout the week. My goal now is to get the edible garden back into a good state. It was looking good there for awhile but the flood in May washed a lot of the mulch around so I need to put new mulch on the paths.

Here’s my random list of things to do out there:

  • Trim back blackberries
  • Take out tomatoes in about two to three weeks and put fall tomatoes in
  • Finish weeding (for this round)
  • Mulch paths
  • Move remaining compost from left bin to the edible garden, put good mulch down in some perimeter beds
  • Spray fish emulsion
  • Put down more fertilizer because what I put down a few days/week prior to the flood probably washed away
  • Turn compost bin and start left bin with new stuff
  • Stake sunchokes better

I also need to continue working on the beds around Chris’ man-cave. If I still have good mulch left over I will continue using that. If not, will wait until the fall for more mulch.


+This political ad for MJ Hegar:

She’s running in a district in Austin—I wish I could vote for her! And the Stones adjacent music in the background is awesome!

+Immigrants Welcomed via Lee Reich’s garden blog. It’s a post about gardening but also about well, current events, of course.

+The Big Reveal from the Obsessive Neurotic Gardener

+My Garmin Forerunner! Now, if I could figure out how to wear the Fitbit, too. Yes, I have another wrist to put it on, I just don’t like things on my right wrist. I tried it. It felt weird. And doubling up on my left hand left them clashing and buttons hitting each other. I liked the community on Fitbit and there’s just not the same community on Garmin—I’ve found two people I know—so I’d like to figure out how to wear them both. Just might not be possible.

I went through a slump in late May and early June. I took things to read on vacation and then couldn’t bring myself to read in the car because I would miss the sights. But I’m back at it, slowly slogging through some books. Hope to get a book report up in July at some point.

I thought I had more to say tonight but really I was just needing to vent about SCOTUS and all the other crap that’s been happening. But at least Oklahoma voted to approved legalizing medical marijuana. That’s pretty huge for that state!

I’ll leave with this: Democrats must turn out en masse in November. Must. Vote early or vote on election day, but show up. Even if you are in the bluest state in the bluest county or the red-est state in the red-est county, show up.


  • Patrice La Vigne

    I have a Garmin Fenix. I don’t know how to use the “community” feature, but maybe that’s because I only track our hikes and you are using it for running?? The Fenix is HUGE, so very occasionally, I strap it to my backpack instead of my wrist. Can you do that with your Garmin, then just wear the Fitbit?

    Also, I forgot to add to my comment on the other post that the pic of Forest at the Florida Trail sign pointing is adorable!!

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