Formosa Lilies | Flower Friday


The Formosa lilies have finished blooming for the season.


I noticed a few differences this year than in previous years. For starters, they didn’t grow nearly as tall. Usually they grow at least 6′ tall. This year they hovered between 4-5′ which made them the perfect height for deer chomping. I took a photo of two blooms at lunch and came home to find them devoured by the deer.


The other thing I noticed was that I didn’t have as many plants as previous years, mostly from pulling too many seedlings (the plant is a prolific seeder) and I think some of the roots from the established plants got dug up and moved by the prowling resident opossum.


The lilies are definitely a centerpiece of this section of the garden so I will let a few more seeds fill in the area once again and maybe get them to be a bit more robust next year.


This post was definitely an attempt to not bunch up allll of my garden photos into one post for July! We’ll see if I can manage to spread a few more posts out but considering it is the 27th, expect a round of garden photos once again!


  • Rebecca

    A Garden Club friend gave us some seeds, but with the warning about how prolific they can be. I wimped out and didn’t plant any, but I think we have the seeds saved in the refrigerator…maybe next year. They are really pretty and it would be fun to have flowers that tall. I would just need to come up with a place that would work. I’ll have to look over the garden later today.

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