A Monday that feels like a Sunday

It’s quiet right now. The air conditioner is humming. Chris just left for the grocery store to get food for the week. Forest is taking a nap on the couch. Leo is…well, I’m not sure where Leo is at.

The house is a mess from the mess we left it in when we went out for camping on Saturday and from all of the post-camping unpacking that needs to happen. Laundry just ran in the washing machine and need to get switched over and the coolers and storage containers with food from the weekend need to be put away before Chris gets back with more food to put away. And I’m here typing to you.

It definitely feels like a Sunday afternoon and not a Monday afternoon. I was reminded that it was indeed a weekday when we encountered what you could quantify as traffic in downtown Livingston on our way home. Downtown Livingston is one of those older downtowns in east Texas, not some kind of metropolis. And yet we found ourselves sitting in traffic during a downpour because their signal timing was poor.

Taking a three-day weekend to camp is always fantastic, especially when we opt to come home on a Monday. By the time noon rolls around on Sunday the state parks clear out and we have the campground to ourselves. As it was the state park was fairly empty because of rain. We got wet. The tent got wet. Our first campsite ended up turning into a pond so we moved ourselves to a high and dry spot around the corner after the park emptied out.

The mosquitoes were out in force. Poor Forest looks like he has the chicken pox! After our initial round of ‘natural’ spray we all resorted to good old DEET because what else works but that? Forest wasn’t interested in the hiking bits of the weekend but was quite content to play T-Rex chomping dragonflies around the campsite. No dragonflies were actually harmed.

And as my kid takes a hard nap on the couch from a long weekend, I guess I shall get up and get to work so I can rest more tonight.

*Thus concludes one of Misti’s random “I need to write something” moments on the blog!*


  • Steve Terry

    Misti, these are the best posts cause it lets me catch up with your life! I’m going to retire sometime next year so don’t be surprised if I show up on your doorstep! Steve T

  • Moosie

    Oh how wonderful it is to have the whole camp to yourself!!!! You don’t have to wait to get a shower and it is so much more peaceful. This post makes me feel like I am sitting with you! 🙂

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