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Forest Friday | Growing Up Edition



I took that top photo four years ago yesterday. I remember taking it, too, as I was folding laundry one evening and Forest was being his chunkalunk self! It must have been a warmer December day because of the diaper only outfit, which is how he spent a lot of those first three to six months, hanging out in just a diaper!

Then on Wednesday night we went to my studio to hang out for a bit and for some reason he finally noticed the baby chair sitting there, where it’s been for well over a year waiting for me to sell it or donate it. (It’s going to Goodwill soon!) He dragged it out and I almost told him not to sit in it for fear he would break it but I let him go anyway. He got up too quickly after his test sit but I got him to lay back down so I could snap a photo since I knew I had the first photo already. I didn’t realize how close to date the photos would be though until I dug the first photo out of my Flickr archives.

From rolly poly baby to whip-smart and expert little kid negotiator in just four years! Time flies.

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