Life Through the Lens of a 4 Year Old | 1

We got Forest a cheap digital camera for him for Christmas so he could start taking photos. He hadn’t really expressed a ton of interest in doing so but I take photos plenty and he knows we take photos with our phones, too, and I thought it would be a nice non-toy to get him. He’s used it a handful of times and I took off the ‘best’ photos from the SD card and deleted all of the hands-covering-the-lens photos—hah! A few more photo lessons are needed, I think.

Here’s a short selection of his photos so far. I thought it might be fun to do a series from time to time, mostly to see how it changes as he figures out how to use the thing!

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4 thoughts on “Life Through the Lens of a 4 Year Old | 1

  1. Wendy from NY says:

    LOL! These are great! What fun to see what interests a four year old! Great idea!

  2. REBECCA says:

    He’s dong great! Glad to see you figured out a way to make it work.

  3. EdmundFus says:

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  4. What a great gift idea! And I love that you will document his pix on the blog. It is funny to see what catches his eye!

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