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After our hike at the Indian Lodge Trail we stopped by the Emory Oak Wildlife Viewing Area, a beautiful building where birders and wildlife watchers can sit inside during more inclement weather and view through the windows, or walk around to a viewing area outside. We were poking around when we noticed javelina just off the trail. At first we noticed one and then another and soon it was an entire family group hiding under the trees. We watched from the trail for a few minutes and then backtracked back to the building as several of the adults wandered to the water source to drink. These family was not skittish as I’m sure they are used to people being around frequently. A few nights later Chris has a run-in with a couple at the campsite when we heard them trying to scavenge after dark. Anything the campers leave behind gets scarfed up!

The last time I’d seen javelina was back during spring break of 2000 when we took a trip to Big Bend National Park with some friends.

More Information on Javelina in Texas via TPWD

Let’s not go into how many times I’ve tried to write ‘collard’ instead of ‘collared’ while writing this post or looking up information about these animals!

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  • shoreacres

    I’ve only seen javelina a couple of times, and the last sighting was several years ago. Now, feral hogs? They’re everywhere, as I’m sure you know. I stopped at my favorite hay meadow on FM2004 last weekend, and found two cleaned carcasses that still were pretty ripe — although the rib cages were clean. I’ve seen skin there before. I have a feeling someone’s using it as a convenient place to dispose of their kill after taking the meat. One rancher I know is having a terrible time with a huge hog tearing up his place — but they’re coming into the suburbs down here, too.

    Anyway: I went back and looked at your linked post. I’ve never been to the Big Bend, and I need to do that before I get too old and decrepit to do any hiking.

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