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Seep Loop Trail | Davis Mountains State Park











As with the Limpia Creek Trail, this trail in the state park is on the north side of the highway. I should have mentioned in the post yesterday that you will have to get the combination to the lock to open the gate over there and check in and out of the trail at the park office when you go for your hike.

This trail is not on the trail map for the park but it is on the general facility map for the park and is about 1.25 miles round trip. It is very easy going, sloping gently down to Limpia Creek where it crosses/kind of follows the creek. We actually ended up losing the trail somewhere in the middle and began following the creek bed instead, which was fine because Chris wanted to move the game cam to another tree. We did not see an actual seep but we weren’t looking closely either. Maybe it wasn’t running?

If you are looking to dip your toes into the north side of the park but not wanting to hike up the mountain, this is a peaceful sojourn along the dry creek.

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