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Our campsite, 41, was not wide but it was spaced so that there was quite a bit of room on either side of us that we weren’t abutting the next campsites. I think the downside to this space was there was really only one spot for the tent which did happen to be closer to one of the campsites. That got frustrating one evening when we were in bed early (because dark and cold!) and the RV next to us decided to bring out a projector screen and watch a movie outside. Ooh boy. Some day I’m going to have a ranty post about campground quiet hours and how I think they should be earlier than they usually are (10pm for Texas State Parks) or at least with seasonal variations on the time.

Another good thing about this site is that we were on the tail-end of a dead end road so Forest could play a bit more in the road with his trike or his toys than we’d normally allow. And the closeness of the dry bed of Keesey Creek made a natural area for Forest to play. It was easy for us to sit at the picnic table and chill out and Forest could play in the creek. We’d call out for him to check in on occasion but he had a little bit of freedom to do that fun exploration kids do while camping. He’s still a few years away from more of that but it was pleasant to be able to allow him to have a taste of that within the confines of us being able to keep close tabs on him.

I’d probably chose this site again if we had the chance. It wasn’t a far walk from the bathroom, just down the creek and up a trail. Of course we didn’t really scout out any of the other campsites either and now that TPWD had finally upgraded its reservation system (with growing pains of course!) to allow for exact site reservations at the time of booking your stay, it would be helpful in the future to make note of campsites we (you) liked for future reference!

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  • Jennifer Kleinrichert

    It’s fabulous you got out of town! We love west Texas! I totally here you on quiet hours. We dealt with that in Florida quite a bit because it’s harder to find places to boondock. Next time we will know how to navigate better. Overall though, it was FAB!

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