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Every since Forest was born my parents have been wanting to take Forest to the Fort Worth Stock Show as they had done in years previous with my niece and nephew. Timing wise it had never really worked out. This year was different as Chris’ mom and step-dad were having a celebration for their 20th wedding anniversary which necessitated a trip up there. Forest would be having his first sleepover with his cousins since the party was adult only, so on Saturday we spent the day over in Fort Worth going to the Stock Show!

It’s been years since I’ve been to Will Rogers Coliseum where the Stock Show is held but I have memories of going to the Stock Show but also other events including a Boy Scout event in which my brother and I went round and round the booths to get homemade donuts that some scout group was making, going to some Golden Gloves boxing matches with my dad (no, I don’t like boxing but my dad had tickets and I was a kid, so naturally I had to go! I mean, I had fun spending time with my dad and getting concession food but not really into boxing!), and seeing the Fort Worth Stock Show Art Show. I took art from 6th grade through 12th grade and while I never had a piece in the art show I did have friends who did submit–they were really into western art!

For the Stock Show we made our way around the exhibits and I think Forest enjoyed seeing all of the animals. I really loved all of the rabbits, particularly the giant rabbits! A lot of kids were raising those for exhibit and selling and they tried to make their case by assuring us they could be litter trained, and I can’t say I wasn’t enticed! They looked so adorable!

After lunch we popped down into the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History which was rebuilt around 10 years ago. Because it was part of the area of the Stock Show you could get in with your ticket instead of purchasing another entrance. I remember going with Zoe when she was maybe 3 or so but hadn’t been back since. My parents had been telling me they were disappointed in the changes to the museum versus what it used to be—there used to be many more exhibits and now it seems to be mostly hands-on science learning, which is nice and all, but not really a museum, IMO. There’s another floor with the Cattle Raisers Museum and I’m sure it is interesting but we didn’t get to go up there. I just remember there being much more of a diverse focus on science and history in the old building than what is now there.

Overall it was a great time with the family and Forest, Zoe, and Grayson had fun spending time together!

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2 thoughts on “Fort Worth Stock Show with the Family

  1. The cousin love is so adorable!!

    And I love bunnies too. We once met someone who did foster care for rabbits. His whole house was overrun by rabbits, but they were litter trained. He said there is always an influx for stray bunnies after Easter because people think they make cute gifts, but they are a household pet that require a lot more than a cat.

    PS – I know I owe you an e-mail or 2!!!

  2. It’s fun to see the Stock Show through a visitor’s eye. Working at the Museum means that the Stock Show is forced on us for three weeks every winter, upsetting our normal work rhythms. It’s interesting to hear your reflections on the old Museum vs. the new one. I didn’t move to Texas until long after the old Museum was gone. Your opinion is a popular one and as museum move towards a more hands-on model it is a hard balance to strike. Too bad you guys didn’t get to see the 75th anniversary exhibit. It had all sorts of stuff from our collection out on display again.

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