Bat House Update!

I did a search for posts here but I couldn’t come up with anything that talked about the big bat house Chris built about 3.5 years ago. Chris had installed some smaller bat boxes to our pine trees when we moved in and one or two sometimes later—and we have bats in most of those as well—but the big bat house was meant to house lots of bats. Anyway, I realized I had never posted any videos here of the bats leaving (or coming back) and it is really pretty cool! We *have* reached the point where you can smell them in the heat of the summer when the wind wafts our direction, though.

The first video is one I took earlier this week and then I went through Chris’ YouTube and pulled a few of his videos.


Around 4 minutes in you can hear whistling ducks—and around 4:42 they come flying through the sky. Lots of frogs to hear, too! The high pitched squeaking is the bats.

This is a good one from early February showing how they pour out of the house.


  • shoreacres

    I just noticed that the NWS in San Antonio has their radar for the Garden Ridge bat colony up and running again for the season. And do you know about Old Tunnel State Park? I only discovered it last month — together with the Alamo Springs Cafe that’s right next door, and has the best burgers and onion rings I’ve ever had.

  • Rebecca

    The church next to our house in New York had a large bat colony living in it. It was always fun watching the bats (100’s of them) leave each night. We always wondered how it smelled inside with that many bats. Based on what you’ve described as smelling, I think there was definitely an aroma.

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