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Along the South Llano River














Fishing along the river was something Chris was itching to do during our stay at South Llano River State Park. He’d fished there the last time we were here but since then there had been a massive flood back in October. Up and down the Llano River and some other adjacent riverine systems, flooding impacted the Hill Country. You can see some of the evidence in the last photo and I’ll share other photos I took from further away from the river where smaller creeks within the start park uprooted cacti and other vegetation as it flowed through the area.

While Chris fished for Guadalupe bass, Forest threw rocks into the river and I took photos of him throwing rocks! Hanging around while Chris fishes is not my favorite thing in the world and in pre-kid days, when I didn’t need to be watching to make sure a certain 4 year old didn’t fall in the water, I would read a book. Until he gets to the point where he can play without possibly getting in the water, no book reading for me!

Some day I’d like to come back during the summer and tube the river. It’s been many moons since I’ve gone tubing on a river in Texas, I think the last time was college on the Guadalupe River. When Forest can swim better, it would be a fun trip!

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  • Rosemarie

    Hi Misti, Enjoyed seeing the picture of the moth and the river. Tubing down a Texas river is a lot of fun. Maybe we can plan a trip one day with our boys when they are good swimmers.

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