Welcome Spring!

I would post a more original entry here for the spring equinox but my computer is currently on the fritz. It seemed to be working fine last Thursday and then we went camping over the weekend and when I came back and tried to log in—I was excited to try to share a not-so-great photo of my first zebra swallowtail butterfly—I found that my keyboard wanted to type double characters or the wrong characters. Some reboots, installation of updates, and finally hooking up a USB keyboard later, my keyboard is definitely fried. That and it also randomly turns on and off airplane mode. So, I’m using my computer sparingly and backing up everything on it so I can put it onto a new laptop. Good times.

In the meantime, I thought I’d dip into spring equinoxes of years past and see what we were up to around this time. Most are from March 20th every year with a few from the 19th or 21st. Happy Spring!

2018 – Our friends Marc and Eliana after their short stay at our house while they were on their epic roadtrip to Alaska to get married!


2017 – Backpacking for the first time with Forest in Sam Houston NF. Look how small he is!

2015 – Iris season! I saw some blooming down by the pond but need to see the status on the ones in our ROW ditch.

16 weeks
2014 – about 12-14 weeks pregnant with Forest! Oh, how the garden has changed!

Iris fulva
2012 – Iris fulva in a ditch by our rental.

Misti @ Georgia/North Carolina boundary
2010 – Crossing the Georgia/North Carolina state line on the Appalachian Trail!

Monkey Pee II



2008 – Villa Tunari, Bolivia! The monkey peed on me! Hah! And that puma is definitely very cuddly but I was incredibly nervous and wondering WTH I was thinking.

2007 – My favorite Phalenopsis orchid on our patio in Florida. I loved this orchid! I can’t remember the name of it at the moment but I’ve seen it out in the nursery trade at other times.


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