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Forest Friday | Was he really that small? Edition








It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done a Forest Friday here. And seeing as the kid is nearly 5.5 and heading for 6 very quickly, I’ve been reminiscing over his baby and toddler days a lot the last few months. He’s hurtling for the bigger little kid era, ditching the preschool years and tendencies slowly but surely. All of this is good, of course, he’s acting age appropriate, but I’m still a bit wistful for the baby and toddler era in many ways…of course in other ways I’m thankful we’re past those—nursing, diapers, whining without saying what he wants—oh wait, scratch that last one, that still goes on! There’s always something funny coming out of his mouth, usually it is a phrase that isn’t a kid phrase at all, something an adult would say or just a unique way of saying something that will make Chris and I look at each other and smile because he’s so darned cute! And I can’t go and pinch his cheeks nearly as much anymore or heaven forbid smother him in kisses because I get told “Mom, don’t kiss me!” *sigh*

Today he is having his last set of photos done at daycare/preschool which will also include his preschool graduation photos. I know a lot of people roll their eyes at kids graduating from preschool or kindergarten but when you’ve got a kid in it, the transition is real. We’ve been talking a lot about his “big kid school” and trying to get him ready for that in some kind of manner. He’ll be making a completely new set of friends because many of his friends will be going to a different school in a different district. And his very best friend is moving to Tampa soon. Oof, it is hard being a 5 year old!

How close and how far those baby years are now. Impossibly long back then and now a mere blip in time!

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