Banded Hairstreak | Satyrium calanus

This is a video. Give it a few seconds to load…read and come back. Yesterday morning I finished doing the major weeding to one of our beds. It was the last bed that needed to be done and now everything is really on a maintenance mode—which means, continue going through and picking out the cherry […]

Into Glacier Bay

Look for the mountain goat! One of the highlights of our Alaskan cruise was that our itinerary took us into Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve. I honestly didn’t grasp the significance of our ability to get into this park via the ship until we started making our way through the bay itself. Cruise ships […]

Life Lately | Early April 2020

I’m going to abandon my typical platform for writing these and just free write, ok? It’s been a fairly typical spring here in the greater Houston area, mild with bits of warmer days and tinges of humidity popping in here and there. Last night we received a cool front that dropped highs back down into […]

Whale Watching in Favorite Channel | Juneau, AK

I had only been whale watching twice before: once in Maine after we finished the AT and the second time when Chris and I went to Seattle for our 10th anniversary trip back in 2012. Only the trip in Maine did we actually get to see whales (and puffins!). This trip I was more optimistic […]

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