Changing Seasons




The season switch is hitting me hard this year. It’s happening and I am not experiencing it how I normally do. Suddenly it is dark by 7:30 and with some cloudy and wet weather it is more like 7pm. Paired with this, my bike riding endorphins have disappeared with a schedule change the last few weeks. I had been able to get out at lunch for 30 minutes most days of the week and if not I would go after dinner. Losing the light in the evening means I haven’t gone as much in the evenings and when Forest switched teachers a few weeks ago she now often does Zoom classes at noon which really throws a wrench in being able to go for a ride at lunch on days I am doing school with Forest. Paired with dreariness this week from Tropical Storm Beta it has been a hard switch to autumn.

In addition I’ve seem to have lost my mojo for doing much creatively and have driven straight into a reading binge which always seems to cleanse the palate. I did, however, make this scarf (Naturally Southern on Ravelry) over the course of a few days a couple of weeks back. I had leftover yarn from the top I made earlier this year and this worked out perfectly to use up that leftover stash. I’m also in the midst of a much harder wrap. It is very intricate and uses crochet thread so it doesn’t move along very fast. I should work on it more but haven’t. And art has fallen by the wayside but I’m working on sketching out something else to paint soon.

With all of that, my desires to write here have really gone out the window. I have two posts drafted from earlier in the summer but don’t really feel inspired to share them. Everything feels boring and a bit of waste to share, which I know sounds ridiculous but there it is.

My internet friend/acquaintance Sarah recently shared a post (linked) recapping the last six months of COVID-19 and I may snag it as an idea to write about soon. It would be a great thing to brain dump and look back at in the future. Or in six more months to see how things change.

That’s about it. Posts will likely stay sporadic for a bit until I can get out of this funk.

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  • Donner

    Everyone’s different I guess, I love fall so I’m just ramping up! Nice job with the scarf! I like how you photographed it in nature 🙂 Hope all is well. – donner

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