Updates from The Plague

I thought I’d share a quick post for those of you without social media and don’t see my posts there…

Forest: He’s getting better but still have some congestion and a cough at times. We’ve been alternating children’s Zyrtec and Tylenol cough/cold/flu and that seems to help when the congestion gets annoying.

Chris: He’s had it the worst out of any of us. Yesterday he finally started turning the corner with less congestion but he has brain fog and gets tired easily so there is a lot of resting going on. He’s still downing medicine and vitamins. I think he will have this cough for a good while.

Me: Surprisingly…fine. *shrugs* I felt off over the weekend, lower GI issues, some coughing, sore throat, slight congestion, watery eyes. The GI issues went away, congestion has mostly gone away, no more watery eyes, no coughing. The only thing that comes and goes is the feeling like my neck glands are swollen and that my throat hurts a little and sometimes my ears feel clogged. That hasn’t been much of a problem today. I have been much sicker than this with other things and to be honest, I usually get whatever cold Forest brings from daycare/school. So, I’m really surprised about this.

Chris’ and my COVID test came back negative. But based on the how it was taken (self administered, not great directions from the pharmacy tech) and hearing from other people, we’re fairly certain it is a false negative. We took another one today at CVS, had better directions, stuck it further into the sinuses, was timed by the pharmacy tech and I think I got far enough because the swab made me sneeze. Now, only time will tell.

No matter, we’re still quarantined until next week at least. Forest’s principle said he could come back next Tuesday but after looking at the weather forecast I think Tuesday is going to be a weather day because apparently we’re gonna get 1-3″ of snow here in the coming days with multiple days of lows in the 20s, and I suspect before things are over we’ll see some high teens temperatures. Someone needs to warn the neighborhood plants because they all think spring is happening.

Anyway, if *this* is all we have for COVID, we will take it. Also, still chomping at the bit to get a vaccine!


  • shoreacres

    I smiled at your current symptoms. Those swollen glands, sore throat, and clogged ears are my typical symptoms during cedar pollen season. As heavy as the pollens and molds have been, you might be responding to them, too.

  • Shirley

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling well at your house though it is good to see this update and know you are beginning to feel better. Your second test sounds more accurate. Both of my Covid tests were given by a doctor and felt like a brain probe. The first test caused me to cough and nose run, the second was just extremely uncomfortable and made my nose run.

    Let us know how it’s going.

    Now I need to go cover some plants.

  • Patrice La Vigne

    Of course I’ve been following closely on social media, but just wanted to chime in and say hang in there!!! I’m hoping for the best outcome for all of you, and maybe a snow day cuddling at home will be the cure.

    I’m also curious about the JnJ trial Chris is in! Tell us more! How long? How did he find out about it? Will he ever know if he got the placebo?

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