Continued Updates from The Plague

My update last week was a little too soon on my end. I started taking a turn for the worse on Wednesday and by Thursday and Friday I had no energy, my congestion was much worse, my eyes hurt, and I was very tired. Thankfully on Saturday I started feeling better energy-wise but I’m still fairly congested.

Forest also took a turn Wednesday through early Friday, spiking fevers on and off and even vomiting overnight Thursday/Friday. Luckily the fever broke and while he has some congestion he is returning to normal a little bit more every day.

Chris seems to be the best out of all of us at the moment, which has been good because he’s been working on preparing the yard and house for the upcoming deep freeze. Which, that all deserves its own post and I will get to it eventually. I’m just kinda waiting for some epic snow photos to share to go with it! haha!

Hopefully we are over the worst of this sickness and any lingering issues with dissipate in the coming days. I’m a little glad that we’re going to be able to hunker down a few more days at home with this cold weather so that we can all rest up even more.

I’ll be back to regular programming here momentarily!


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