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Bubbles on the Front Porch





Forest turned 7 a few weeks ago. Another year with this kiddo and I can’t believe he’s been hanging out with us for seven years now. The baby years seem so distant and yet when I conjure up the memories they are right there—the fluffy cloth diapers, the crawling toddler, the endless hours I spent sustaining the life of that kid with my body…oh boy! And now he’s 7 and in love with Minecraft, YouTube gamers who play Minecraft, and dragons. And cats. Oh, and hamsters. He’s been less interested in outdoor activities and even going to the studio in the last few months so I think we’re in a transition period of adjusting interests. For his birthday we repainted his room and the baby nursery feel is gone. He wanted golden walls and a red door, which we nixed the red door idea, but the golden walls happened and they look great! We need to get new curtains for his room and some new sheets but he received a new comforter for his bed and well, it’s a grown-up little boy room now.

For now he still enjoys blowing bubbles on the front porch and playing with this long water squirter toy that we actually found on the beach sometime earlier this year. I fill a bucket up with water and he gets water from it and squirts water all over the garden, porch, and himself. Forest, he always keeps us on our toes! And if you will let him, he’ll talk your ear off about Minecraft!

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