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    Close Encounters with Diamondback Terrapins

    A few weekends ago we camped at Goose Island State Park. Despite a brief period of time where cooler weather prevailed, it had retreated and in came the heat and humidity once again. And the mosquitoes. It was quite possibly the warmest October camping I’ve ever done in Texas. Goose Island was lovely as always and despite the mosquitoes we had an enjoyable time. One of the bonuses was getting to see Texas Diamondback Terrapins (Malaclemys terrapin littoralis)! In the summer of 2014, while I was heavily pregnant with Forest, Chris did a field job in coastal Louisiana. There he got to see a lot of terrapins, though I think…

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    Right On Time

    I’ve enjoyed Brandi Carlile’s music over the last decade, mostly some of her hits, but have never fallen into die-hard fandom. However, I watched this most recent performance on SNL over the weekend and I think I am now a die-hard fan! And if you need a playlist for Fall, I’ve got one!

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    Sunday Evening at 8:33pm

    +Minecraft—on Forest’s mind continuously. +The Garden Beds—three installed so far! Back aching work and I’ll be glad when they are done. +Constantly thinking about native plants and propagating seeds to expand the native plant palate in the yard. +Feeling the tug to read fiction again after a very heavy year of non-fiction. +Wanting to write and having so many ideas that I don’t know where to start, so list writing on a blog post is how I’m going to start. +Re: writing—I want to write books. Have little time to get that done. +In the meantime I’ve been pouring my creative energy into art. My weekly nature journaling has been…

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    September 2021 Rewind

    We kicked off September with Forest’s birthday. He’s at such a fun age right now where his imagination is running wild and he’s still in a silly little kid phase. I love it! Earlier in the month I found two Passiflora incarnata fruit around the corner from the house. I sowed seeds of one of them and ate the other in some yogurt and ever since I ate the one I’ve been on the prowl for more. None yet! I *think* this is Dusty—but honestly, sometimes their profiles will confuse me. But both of them are cuddly cats these days! We had our first taste of fall and of course…