Right On Time

I’ve enjoyed Brandi Carlile’s music over the last decade, mostly some of her hits, but have never fallen into die-hard fandom. However, I watched this most recent performance on SNL over the weekend and I think I am now a die-hard fan! And if you need a playlist for Fall, I’ve got one!

Sunday Evening at 8:33pm

+Minecraft—on Forest’s mind continuously. +The Garden Beds—three installed so far! Back aching work and I’ll be glad when they are done. +Constantly thinking about native plants and propagating seeds to expand the native plant palate in the yard. +Feeling the tug to read fiction again after a very heavy year of non-fiction. +Wanting to write […]

September 2021 Rewind

We kicked off September with Forest’s birthday. He’s at such a fun age right now where his imagination is running wild and he’s still in a silly little kid phase. I love it! Earlier in the month I found two Passiflora incarnata fruit around the corner from the house. I sowed seeds of one of […]

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