At last, the garden beds are done!




Well, it took a good six or so weeks of us putting our heads down on the weekend and just getting the work done, but the concrete beds are all poured! We finished the last one on Saturday afternoon and my back rejoices! The next steps will be to fill the remaining beds with soil, put some mulch down, and eventually get the perimeter beds done. Chris has figured out a way to make that work, I think, by creating smaller concrete sections and piecing them together. I’m just glad we can finally grow something out there once again! I’m really looking forward to a stellar tomato season! The beds are several inches higher than the previous beds so I’m hoping that will alleviate some of the issues when we have standing water out there. Of course it won’t matter if we get a massive flood like May 2016 again with 3′ of water covering everything, but this should greatly reduce the issues we were having previously. Onward to more gardening!


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