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First Day Hike – 2022

Chris and I got out on Saturday morning to get a First Day hike in at Tandy Hills. Every year the Friends of Tandy Hills hosts a First Day hike over the perimeter trail, which is usually done in a group. This year they continued last year’s option of going solo and emailing them and getting a certificate for completing it solo. I haven’t gotten around to submitting for a certificate but I will say it was a lovely 2.5 mile hike. Plus, we got to see sections of the new Broadcast Hill purchase that has expanded this little prairie remnant just east of downtown Fort Worth.

As it was winter, most everything has gone dormant up there but we did see plenty of interesting treasures like this Spiranthes seedhead.


Penstemon cobaea seeds

A new view of downtown Fort Worth from Broadcast Hill.

Hedeoma reverchonii, Reverchon’s false pennyroyal

A cool fossil, I presume some kind of Ammonite.

*we did not start here! LOL we walked in reverse not realizing there was a method to the trail flagging! Needless to say we missed a few turns and had to trace our steps back a few times*
Chris and I got back in time for lunch and to pick up our niece Zoe to bring over to my parents to join her brother Grayson and cousin Forest who had both been playing and hanging out all week already. A great way to start the New Year—and I know we just had our first freeze on January 1st/2nd but I’m already ready for spring! Bring on those ephemerals!

Chris and I also got away for two days to the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma over Christmas and I’ll be sharing photos in a post here soon!

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  • shoreacres

    It took my synapses a little time to start firing, but I think I finally made the connection after I saw where Tandy Hills is located. That has to be somehow connected to the Tandy Corporation, which began in Ft. Worth. I didn’t realize that the family business started out in leather goods before moving to include electronics. Very interesting!

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