Spring Break in Florida


*Stretches and yawns*…oh boy, now to get back into the swing of things again—hello! Last week, well, actually a week and a half ago, we headed east down I-10 to Florida’s Forgotten Coast and spent a week on St. George Island. Annoyingly, we changed time zones and lost an hour of time and then lost another hour two days later with the Spring Forward time change. Hence all the yawning around here! And I say we spent a week on St. George Island but in reality we were traipsing around Apalachicola National Forest, an FWC WEA area, and Tate’s Hell State Forest, a place I had always wanted to visit and finally got to!

We were about a month early for a lot of the really great botanical stuff but we made the best of it and managed to knock off some life-list species and to get out and do some hiking. Sadly, being that the panhandle of Florida is at about the same latitude as Houston, it certainly wasn’t quite warm enough for the beach even though we did brave it a few times for Forest to splash around in the water. Needless to say, we did not come back sporting suntans but we did bring back a new addiction to WOYS 100.5 FM aka: Oyster Radio where you can get all of your Forgotten Coast news and a great mix of music to boot.

I have a lot to share and will start writing up some posts later this week! We’re battening down the hatches tonight for our first big spring thunderstorms—tornadoes, hail, flash floods have all be forecasted. Could be dicey! Meanwhile, spring is waking up the plants in the yard and I’m looking forward to getting some gardening posts written as well!

Hope all is well out there dear blog readers!


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