Tomato Season Begins

It was a bit of a rocky start to tomato season and unseasonably hot temperatures in May thwarted a lot of the production but we are finally starting to harvest some tomatoes. So far they are all primarily Chris’ tomatoes that he ended up buying not long in the planting season after the ones he started from seed weren’t thriving. My tomatoes are doing well, a mix of ones I started from seed and others I supplemented with nursery grown plants, but I’m still a few weeks away from any appreciable harvest. And with summer temperatures and a lack of rain in the forecast, I’m not sure how much I will really be getting.

So, for now, I’m savoring the ones we are getting and have eaten tomatoes and mozzarella and some bruschetta over the weekend. It certainly makes me reminisce about garden seasons where tomatoes thrived and we were even harvesting in early May.


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