Things I’m Loving Lately

In Austin over the weekend we popped into an HEB to get some groceries for our short stay. I wanted to check out their kombucha case because HEB usually has the Live brand that is cream soda flavored. My Kroger only carries the root beer, which is fine, but I like the cream soda better. I picked up a couple of the cream sodas but then became enamored with these Greenbelt brand kombucha so I snagged the strawberry and peach. I drank the strawberry there and it is far better than GT’s and this may be my favorite brand now! Luckily our HEB has them too so I bought a few more, including the yaupon grapefruit paloma flavor, when we got back on Sunday during my grocery run for the week. Love them!

We also picked up this hard cider in Austin and I also have a new favorite cider. I haven’t drank cider in a while but this quenches that mid-July Texas-is-in-a-drought thirst pretty good!

My kiddo being cute at The Natural Gardener in Austin—I always love him!

A mid-week evening out with some friends! Stephanie, on the left, is a friend I’ve known since 1986 when we met in first grade and Erika, the middle, is someone I met in 1994 in my freshman biology class in high school. We’ve been good friends for years, with ups and downs as friendships go, and while I have seen Stephanie at least once a year when I get up to DFW, I hadn’t seen Erika in about five years which is almost unheard of because we used to see each other quite frequently. We even both live in the Houston area but being as Houston is ginormous and we both have families, we hadn’t made the effort to get together. But Stephanie’s being in town made it happen and we had dinner out on the west side of town last Thursday. It was great to catch up with everyone!

Alma paprika! They are now turning red and I’m planning on drying them and then I’ll be able to grind it and have fresh paprika!

Sweet, sweet rain! Or a very short pop-up storm that managed to find our house the other evening. It didn’t do much but wet the soil but the frogs appreciated it the next morning!

And Mr. Dusty, whom you can nose boop on the computer screen. He’s my sweet, loveable and cuddly one, the one that reminds me most of Leo. Rusty, I love him too, I just don’t have a good recent photo of him!

What are you loving lately?


  • shoreacres

    I’d never heard of Alma paprika. It’s an attractive thing, and I read that it’s often used in Hungarian cooking. I’ve begun using smoked paprika, and really like it — adds a lot to plenty of dishes.

  • Patrice La Vigne

    I love these kinds of posts!

    Here’s something I discovered recently … Brown Cow Vanilla Yogurt! I usually buy Stoneyfield, but they were out at the grocery store, so I picked up Brown Cow. It was delicious, like a dessert every morning! To be fair, I didn’t compare the nutritional value, so I wonder if Brown Cow has a lot more yogurt. In any case, it was a happy surprise.

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