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Bartonia texana in the Big Thicket

If you’ve been reading this blog for a few years, you may remember my post from 2020 about finding Texas screwsteam, Bartonia texana. Last year we didn’t go back to the same location and instead went searching in the Big Thicket. I’m being intentionally vague on locations because it is a sensitive plant species and is under review by USFWS for listing under the ESA.

This location was a bit easier to get to, less bushwhacking, for which I was grateful. Two years of extensive bushwhacking to the other location had worn on me, though I do like the location once we get there! And there were a lot more plants to see at this site.

And still difficult to spot unless you have your Bartonia texana glasses on! I jest, but it does take a lot of focus to narrow down among the leaf litter to see the plants.

They are plants that blend in easily with their surroundings and with such an insignificant bloom, they don’t stand out.





Since it has taken me so long to write about them here we’re almost back to their blooming cycle once again, late September and early to mid October. I do wonder how the drought will have affected them this year, though I think some of the further east locations may not be as affected as deep east Texas has had more rain than a lot of the state, though it is still below normal levels there, too.

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