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Last night I did not envision for today:

+A kid waking up with an earache at midnight and continued to sleep terribly the rest of the night. There’s been congestion for days that I was hoping we’d just wade through.
+Me getting a second night of bad sleep.
+Knowing earache meant a trip to the pediatrician, so planning for that at midnight.
+Realizing I also needed to get my laptop to work at home.
+Making plans for that after calling the pediatrician at 8am and driving to the office where in the middle of updating Chris, who is out of town, of what was going on I get an alert on my watch that the Ring cameras are down at the house.
+Yay! Power or internet is out!
+Secured laptop, downloaded a few things off the server incase it was only internet out.
+Thankfully it wasn’t the power so I wouldn’t have to figure out what to do with a sick kid for a few hours until power came back on. Small mercies.
+Downside, no internet. No tv entertainment for said sick child while mom attempted to work. Other than my phone, of course.
+Meanwhile, cannot email coworkers any information that they need. Prepare data to send while out on pediatrician errand.
+Surprise 8 year old check up at the same time as earache exam because their wires were crossed when they looked at the appointments (the checkup was for next week), but hey it works out, he can also get his flu shot today even though he’s sick because he’s not running a fever.
+Surprise flu shot for sick kiddo.
+Surprise blood pressure cuff for sick kiddo, which he also hates, because hey, surprise checkup!
+Sending work emails from my laptop in the Chick-fil-A curbside parking spot via Chick Fil A wifi. It works!
+Bonus: Crazy Bread at Little Caesar’s is hot and ready and instant food for sick child.
+Prescription not ready to pickup on way home. Always dicey for this to actually happen.
+A house that was in a state of disaster.
+Proceeded to make it more presentable for AT&T repairman who was slated for 4-8pm.
+Meager work getting done while watching DVD of Happy Feet, which was backup plan for tv entertainment. Somehow we have very few kid DVDs and a lot of VHS.
+Repairman is early—this is good!
+Internet issues explained which go back to other issues this year. Repairman putters about for a few hours with some repairs and fixing some things but then disappears.
+I now, finally, have a prescription to pick up. Where did he go?
+Screw it, I’m leaving. We’re getting the prescription. And getting Sonic ice cream.
+Ah, crap, repairman has reappeared. Which is good. Maybe internet is still in our future this evening.
+This time he comes in and looks at the box, which of course seems to be the biggest culprit but the outside issues did need fixing, too. Turns out, could have saved some time with looking at the box first. Box replaced.
+Now it’s nearly 7pm. Too late for any interest in doing more work.
+Bath time.
+Write blog post. Because I stupidly said I was going to write every day for 30 days.
+Early bedtime.
+Workout is not going to happen.

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