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The Best of Intentions


Well, 30 days of writing just isn’t going to happen. As per usual, I start off well for these types of things and then fail rather quickly. It isn’t for a lack of interest. I go into weekends with the plan to do more creative projects than I actually get done and over the years all of those plans fall apart faster than they used to. I can’t even get all of the chores I want to get done completed in a weekend anymore. What I have been doing is spending a lot of time in my head brainstorming ideas and thinking of the projects I’ve started that I need to complete. And I should be focusing on those instead of trying to blog/write here for 30 days straight.

What have I been doing instead of blogging? Saturday we had a work day at my little community’s park to clean it up for a re-dedication ceremony in a few weeks. The park is being renamed for a recently deceased city secretary and resident who did a lot of work for the city. Downside to cleanup is that everyone’s viewpoint of cleanup is drastically different and so everyone thought that cleaning out all of the yaupon in a certain corner of the park was going to make it better. And, yeah some of it could have been trimmed but now there’s no cover for wildlife and no privacy near the road where a picnic table is. I would have been in favor of trimming some of the area up, spot clearing a few areas but just wholesale removal was too much. Good thing is that none of it was chemically treated so it will grow back. I’m only hoping they don’t go and treat the leaf cutter mounds that were in one corner of the park. They are just living their life over there… I’ll have to be more forceful when they want to clean out the wax myrtle near the pond because I’m not letting them destroy that. Going up against people who have no concept of nature or wildlife value but have an intrinsically slanted view of everyone being a criminal (people can hide in the bushes!) is just like the summation of our world today. Anyway, that is probably for another post, how to get people to care about nature and remove plant blindness is more than a little paragraph here.

Saturday night I went to a birthday party for my friend at a roller rink and it was a lot of fun! But my lower back is killing me from the constant turning to the left with the flow of the rink. Hashtag I’m Old.

Sunday somehow turned into a day where I had the goal to get some chores done and only managed a few things. I also wanted to get some watercoloring done in my sketchbook but that didn’t happen either. Or reading. I did manage to harvest some roselle that was ready and now I need to pull the calyces off to dry. I’ve been making a lot of Thai tea over the last six weeks and am planning to try some roselle tea made in that method.

And now I’m watching this storm Ian and it’s inevitable path towards Florida’s west coast. Looks like somewhere between Cedar Key and Tampa will be pummeled. A few days ago the path looked like it was going to pull a Charley and slam into the Sanibel/Fort Myers/Port Charlotte area and I’m sure my friend Chel, who used to live on Marco Island and went through Irma, is very happy not to be living in Florida anymore. (Hi Chel, if you are reading this!). We’re getting our first cool/cold front today and I think we can only hope we manage to make it another week or two without any further developments in the Gulf that target the Texas coast.

Hope everyone out there is doing well!


  • Judy Bass

    From what I gathered from your post, you work and are a mother. Blogging every day would be hard. I’m not as busy as you; my goal is once a week, which can be challenging. The “cold” front is welcome and I took the opportunity to clean up the garden beds that went wild while I was on an extended vacation.

  • Tina

    I was impressed that you set the goal! It’s hard to blog and especially as a young parent, I don’t know how you do it! I’m really lagging in the blogging department right now. I have some ideas, some photos, no umph to get it done! Carry on, you’re doing just fine.

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