Scratch and Sniff Butterfly Ginger


Ever since the gardenia died after the Snowpocalypse in 2021 (there are a couple of tiny shoots coming up, but it is basically gone) I haven’t been able to enjoy that heady aroma in the garden. The next best thing is the butterfly ginger which blooms in the autumn, though it doesn’t waft its scent from backyard to frontyard like the gardenia. It’s not a bad consolation and will lift your spirits while cleaning up the potting bench or starting new seeds, but you do have to force your face into the flower to drink in the full scent of the flowers!

I keep hoping some of our other gingers will bloom this autumn as well but so far none have decided to do any blooming. Such a disappointment.

I’m overdue for a gardening update post and one will be coming this week. A lot is going on and am I slowly working on cleaning up after a summer of neglect. I can only hope we manage to evade a freeze until December or January like we did last year so that I can extend the season a bit and enjoy it. It’s always sad to get a freeze too early and everything is crunchy and brown for four months.

How is your garden growing?


  • shoreacres

    What a beauty! But now I’m thinking of those gardenias. There’s no fragrance like it in the world. When I lived in Liberia, they were all around the house, and when they were blooming, it truly was intoxicating.

  • Anna K

    That’s lovely! A friend gave me a start of that same ginger, but it hasn’t granted me any blooms yet. I suspect my backyard is too shady, but I need to remove some other things before I can make it happier. Sorry to hear about your Gardenia.

  • Yeah, Another Blogger

    Hi. Tree leaves in my area are changing colors now. The peak is probably another ten or more days away. What a great spectacle.

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