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7. 5 Things About Me – December Reflections 2022

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  1. I am a HUGE Florence + The Machine and Stevie Nicks fan! I grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac and of course loved Stevie’s solo work, too. I have a lot of memories tied up in Stevie Nicks! I came to hear about Florence + The Machine back in late 2010 before we left for our Florida Trail hike and listened to the Lungs album at night in the tent. And I’ve been hooked ever since! Both of them had tours this year and I was thisclose to getting tickets to see F + M in Austin or Dallas but in the end didn’t go for it. Stevie’s tickets were insane so I didn’t bother. But yeah, if I get the chance again I’ll go see both!

    I put together a Best Of Florence Welch Spotify Playlist this week:

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  3. I used to drive an airboat in my old job in Florida! I tried to find a photo, I know I have one someone took of me driving, but I’m having trouble finding it. I mostly let other coworkers drive but every now and then I would drive and it was a blast! I really miss getting to go to some remote areas of the Everglades!
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  5. I LOVE BOOKS. Always have. Always will.
  6. I almost made straight As my entire 8th grade year. I think I made a high B in a math class and was so irritated about that. Otherwise I was very much an A/B (and sometimes C) student. The only class I ever failed was my first semester of Organic Chemistry. I always kick myself that I should have dropped it before the cut off date but I truly thought I’d squeak by with a D. Nope. I retook it the next semester with a different professor and made an A! Didn’t do much for my GPA, though, because that F stayed on my record. Oh well. To be in college, or any grade really, these days with the amount of tutorial information available at your fingertips must be amazing. Don’t understand organic chem? There’s definitely someone on YouTube offering explanations about chemical bonds out there!
  7. I was vegetarian for a couple of years in the 2010s. I really enjoyed it but when I got pregnant I just couldn’t eat enough food and started craving a lot of animal protein. I learned a lot and still get irritated when I see misinformation about vegetarians or vegans out there. Sometimes I think about going back to it, especially with food prices right now, but so far haven’t made the switch back.

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