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11. Best Decision of 2022 – December Reflections 2022


Traveling to New Mexico this summer for our 20th anniversary was the best decision of the year, I think. Forest was at my parents house for two weeks and Chris and I had solo time in New Mexico. It wasn’t quite the trip we were planning because of the wildfires going on in the mountains around Pecos but we made the best of it. This tiny cabin along the Pecos River was an utter delight and I cannot wait to go back there again in the future.

The trip helped round out the last state in the Four Corners that I needed to visit and now all I’m missing in the west is Oregon, Idaho, and Nevada. I know I have a lot to share from that trip and hope I can catch up over the coming months as I finally started editing photos again. Santa Fe wasn’t quite what I was expecting New Mexico to be like, far more touristy than I had imagined, but Pecos and the area around it I can tell is an amazing place and ripe for more exploration!

New Mexico, we’re coming back for more!

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  • Patrice La Vigne

    Too bad we weren’t still living in the Jemez Mountains because that area is as awesome as Pecos, but less crowded. And we LOVED Los Alamos (our closest town). It was strange with the checkpoints, but there is an amazing museum there. I also agree that Santa Fe is touristy. Overall, New Mexico is an underrated state!!

    You are also in for a real treat when you get to Oregon, Idaho & Nevada!!! All awesome states.

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